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Are you there readers, its me Tab? May 31, 2008

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Hello dedicated readers!

I’m not sure if any of your read my post last month about my new supplementary blog.

While I feel that this is a worthy subject…this belief has yet to be supported.

So far…there have been literally two…I repeat two…views of my new page. This is pretty disappointing because the blog has been in existence for quite a while now.

Once again, the domain name is

Despite the fact that no one even reads it…my blog is actually pretty good.

Directions for the College Athlete describes how to go about entering the world of college sports, as well as, what to do when you get there. Through my own personal accounts, I have begun offering some insight that I hope will help other athletes that are trying to make it into college sports.

So far, I have written a few posts about how the how the whole college athlete process works. Specifically there is a posts that describes how to find the right school for you and how you can get yourself noticed by college scouts.

As previously mentioned in this blog, both of these steps are an incredibly important because finding a school to play at directly affects a person’s future whether it is in professional sports or “the real world.”

I have also written a few different posts detailing the intricacies of the life of a college athlete. So far I have yet to fully tap into this discussion.

In my upcoming posts I plan on writing about college life in general. While I will be writing about different topics that all college students can relate to my entries will be written from the perspective of a college athlete.

I plan on writing about the different expectations that are placed on college athletes, how to juggle a demanding schedule, homesickness, parties, and so much more.

So please…please…please, read it!

Thank you.



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