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Lester’s No Hitter June 10, 2008

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Since baseball is a new found love of mine I find myself frequently checking and watching tidbits here and there on ESPN in between the NBA Playoffs. Well, on Monday, May 19, 2008 Jon Lester of the Boston Red Sox pitched a no-hitter.

For those of you who are not that familiar with baseball, a no-hitter is when there are no runs scored during the length of an entire game and no hits, a player may be walked but no hits are actually recorded. It may sound silly for me to even mention that but, I know when I had no interest in baseball I probably thought that a no-hitter was actually a no hitter like, no one hit the ball at all. Which players do hit the ball but it is caught or somehow is proclaimed an out.

Not only is Jon Lester a stellar athlete, he managed to pitch the eighteenth no-hitter in Fenway Park history. According to Lester’s warm-up in the bullpen was pitiful however, he told a reporter that he is “a slow starter,” yet he clearly still delivered.

Last night’s game was not only his first no-hitter, it was his first complete career game. What a special night that was for both Jon Lester and the Boston Red Sox as a whole.

He pitched a total of 130 pitches with his last pitch traveling at a speed of 94 mph. Catcher, Jason Varitek ran to Lester and hoisted him up like they had just won the World Series. It’s completely understandable though since less than 20 months ago Lester was diagnosed with anaplastic large cell lymphoma, and look at him now.

Lester gets to join the other three no-hitter records in Red Sox history. Impressively, Jason Varitek has caught all four of them, and he went in to the record books last night as well surpassing other catchers that have caught three no-hitter games.

What a fortunate night for 24 year-old Jon Lester, Veteran Jason Varitek, and all of the Boston Red Sox.



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