The Girlfriend’s Guide to Sports

Sports with a girly twist!

About April 8, 2008

So have you ever been sitting around with your best friend and had some pretty random ideas? Well, this is one of ours. We came up with this dream of developing a website that would better inform girls about the world of sports, and voilà the Girlfriend’s Guide to Sports was born!

We recognize that the girls visiting this site will have a wide range of sports knowledge; so we will be offering a variety of posts that will enable each individual to find something they can learn from. While this site is created from the female perspective, we think that men could find relevant information from our posts as well, so don’t feel left out guys, we want you to read too.

We will be offering commentary about College Sports, Outstanding Athletes, Sports related Current Events, the 2008 Olympic Games, Professional Sports, Product Critiques, and Sports Medicine/Treatment.  

So what makes us experts about sports? We aren’t really, but we have a wide variety of experiences with athletics and are currently participating in NCAA Division III soccer for our university.

Jessie began playing sports from a young age, including soccer, dance, and cheerleading. Soccer has always been her first and favorite sport to participate in because she has been playing for fifteen years. Dance was a short lived hobby, but it was a fun learning experience that was much different from the aggressive nature of soccer. For Jessie, cheerleading was a way to express her athleticism and spunky personality together to support fellow athletes and show school spirit.  This wide spectrum of experience gives her a unique perspective for analyzing athletics.

 Not only has Jessie always been an athletic girl, she has been an avid NBA fan for numerous years, Lakers for life. In addition to this fascination, she has recently found a new love for baseball.

Tabitha began playing sports before she could even remember. Her dad was always taking her to the park to throw, kick, or hit a ball depending on which sport was in season. She played tee-ball, hockey, and soccer. She even had a bright pink hockey helmet, but it was soccer that became her first, enduring love. Tabitha played soccer for many southern-California club teams and went on to play Division I college soccer for a season. She decided to transfer schools and is currently playing Division III soccer for her college.

Together Jessie and Tabitha pledge to keep the site up to date about the goings-on in the sports world. We want to offer you, the reader, the opportunity to receive the most current information about sports written in the most fun way possible. We want to make your appetite for sports news practically insatiable.  Most of all we want to increase your love, knowledge and interest in sports.



One Response to “About”

  1. coolios. very nice “about” section guys :).
    your blog is coming along too and i see improvements on both ends :).

    jess, no worries about missing/skipping, i dont think its that big a deal. sorry we couldn’t reach you this last time though. tabitha forgot her phone but the number she was provided with wasnt right. as you probably already know, ProfDan did collect the critiques and there was an assignment given.

    tabitha, hi! i luv you!

    anyhoo, you ladies have a lovely day and see you next time 😉

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