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Are you there readers, its me Tab? May 31, 2008

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Hello dedicated readers!

I’m not sure if any of your read my post last month about my new supplementary blog.

While I feel that this is a worthy subject…this belief has yet to be supported.

So far…there have been literally two…I repeat two…views of my new page. This is pretty disappointing because the blog has been in existence for quite a while now.

Once again, the domain name is

Despite the fact that no one even reads it…my blog is actually pretty good.

Directions for the College Athlete describes how to go about entering the world of college sports, as well as, what to do when you get there. Through my own personal accounts, I have begun offering some insight that I hope will help other athletes that are trying to make it into college sports.

So far, I have written a few posts about how the how the whole college athlete process works. Specifically there is a posts that describes how to find the right school for you and how you can get yourself noticed by college scouts.

As previously mentioned in this blog, both of these steps are an incredibly important because finding a school to play at directly affects a person’s future whether it is in professional sports or “the real world.”

I have also written a few different posts detailing the intricacies of the life of a college athlete. So far I have yet to fully tap into this discussion.

In my upcoming posts I plan on writing about college life in general. While I will be writing about different topics that all college students can relate to my entries will be written from the perspective of a college athlete.

I plan on writing about the different expectations that are placed on college athletes, how to juggle a demanding schedule, homesickness, parties, and so much more.

So please…please…please, read it!

Thank you.



Where in the world did mascots come from? May 26, 2008

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What do you think of when you hear the term ‘team mascot’? In the past that term use to instantly fill my head with images of a dopey-looking furry creature running around a baseball field acting like a crazed rodeo clown.

Mascots have been a used for all sorts of things since their introduction sometime in the late 1800s. The term ‘mascot’ was integrated into the English language after Edmund Audran wrote a comic operetta entitled La Mascotte.

One website,, asserts that mascots come from a much older era. This site proclaims that the concept of a mascot has been around since the time of cavemen.

The authors of the article entitled, “Brief History: From art to reality,” believed that ancient humans used the image of animals to bring them luck while they harvested food or fought disease. They argued that cavemen wanted to magically channel the power of animals and that is why they would occasionally dress up in their likeness.

I’m not sure if I buy all that mumbo jumbo, but I thought it was only fair to include every opinion about the origin of mascots.

Well back to reality…Webster’s dictionary defines a mascot as “a person, animal, or object adopted by a group as a symbolic figure especially to bring them good luck.”

Luck, eh? Well now this is starting to make sense…we all know that athletes are considerable superstitious. I’m sure you’ve heard stories about teams not showering or shaving during the season…maybe you’ve heard about a player that keeps a lucky ‘treasure’ in their sock or locker. It’s really the same idea, something external will help bring luck to the player or team.

This idea of luck may have contributed to the rapid proliferation of mascots since their introduction two centuries ago. Nowadays, it is practically impossible to think of an American sports team that does not have some sort of mascot whether it be a costumed individual or otherwise.

As hard as it is to believe, even bad-ass sports teams have mascots. Take for instance the Oakland Raiders, while t don’t have a fury or costumed Pirate running around, their cartoon pirate insignia on their helmets and jersey’s work in the same fashion.

My perception of mascots has changed dramatically over this last year. During the 2007 soccer season my school’s costumed mascot, a blue and gold colored eagle, appeared at one of my soccer matches.

Strangely, I didn’t even know we had that costume until he just showed up that day. The Golden Eagle couldn’t have picked a better game to make his debut; there were literally a few hundred fans lining the field and the match was incredibly intense, at half time the score was tied 0-0.

While my coach was giving his usual half time pep talk, my mind and eyes wondered away. In that moment I became transfixed with the giant furry eagle. He was just flapping away trying to get the crowd pumped up for the next half. For whatever reason, I too became motivated by this ridiculously disguised classmate of mine.

I don’t know what it was…maybe the eagle was a bit magical or something, but my teammates fought harder than they ever had and we ended up winning the game 1-0. The victory was incredibly unexpected because our opponents had previously beaten us 8-1.

I’m not certain that we magically channeled the majestic spirit of the eagle, but we must have had a little luck on our side and maybe… just maybe…the eagle helped us to do some mighty fine ass kicking! We may never know.



So this doesn’t have anything to do with Sports but… May 20, 2008

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So my mom has this weird tendency to always know these new animal stories that no one else has even heard of. I don’t even know what her sources are, all I know is when we sit down at the dinner table one of the first things you hear about is something that happened to this random animal in China that’s going to go extinct and so on and so forth. Well, I decided to take my mom’s updates in the animal world and put them to good use.

For all you animal lovers out there who have a liking about random animal news, come check out my new blog. It has nothing to do with sports but, for my class we have to create a different blog from the one we are already writing, and this is the topic I have chosen.

I will be writing about pretty much anything new and exciting in the world we call “The Animal Kingdom.”

It won’t be as in depth as gfg2sports but it will still be something new and fun.

Come check it out!


P.S. This is a little late I know but, better late than never right?


His teammates call him “Hollywood,” and I don’t blame them

Well, the kids of Cole Hamels and his former Playboy model wife are definitely not going to be crying the blues later in life. I mean, having two great looking people like that together should not even be allowed.

Twenty-four year old Cole Hamels plays in the MLB as the starting left-handed pitcher for the Philadelphia Phillies. Being left-handed in any sport is unique and to be a starting left-handed pitcher makes you even better.

Cole Hamels was born in San Diego and grew up there his whole life. He has been playing baseball from a very young age and had many scouts interested in him when he was playing in high school at Rancho Bernardo High School. Unfortunately in his junior year he broke his pitching arm and local scouts, such as the San Diego Padres, lost interest in Hamels.

Lucky him that he is that good that he ended up still getting drafted by the Philadelphia Phillies in the first round draft pick in 2002. He played minor league ball until his major league debut in 2006.

He also married his hottie of a wife Heidi Strobel in 2006 as well, what a year for Cole Hamels.

Cole Hamels has continuously continued to deliver for the Philadelphia Phillies; he recently pitched a shut-out on May 16, 2008 against the Atlanta Braves.

Keep up the great work Cole!



Kobe got MVP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! May 8, 2008

On May 6, 2008, 29 year-old LA Laker, Kobe Bryant, was named MVP of the NBA for the 2007-2008 season. Not only is he well deserving of this unique award, it’s about time!

Kobe has come in third place for the MVP nomination twice within the last two seasons, after Steve Nash, and Dirk Nowitzki. For Kobe, this season of all seasons has been recognizably different from the last few. After the three-peat ending in 2002, Kobe had to pick his team up from basically nothing. He kept his faith in his team noticeable and built a foundation for what is now a great basketball team once again.

I have to admit, with Kobe’s “Rape Scandal,” with the random Colorado girl in the 2003 season, he lost a lot of support from his fans. For those of you who don’t know, he did admit to having sexual relations with that woman for one night on an away game road trip, when in fact he has been married since 2001, and I do not agree with adultery by any means but, who are we to judge his personal life? His wife took him back, and that is what I think is the most important, Hilary stood by Bill when we had relations with Ms.Lewinsky, so what makes this situation any different?

Back to the point, Kobe lost a great fan base when this happened but he did not let that faze him. He continued to re-build his team. Around the same time all this happened the LA Lakers began getting a better range of players again, picking up people like Ronny Turiaf, Devin George, Brian Cook, Smush Parker, and Kwame Brown.

Although these players were helpful in the re-building process, most were traded in order to build a “dream team” once again.

However, the last few seasons the LA Lakers have been so fortunate to get players such as, Derek Fisher, who was part of the original dream team, Andrew Bynum, Trevor Ariza, and outstanding, yet versatile center/power forward Pao Gasol.

So, Kobe has pretty much stoked that he did not have to be such a ball hog anymore because he had such awesome players in his general vicinity. You can see this is in his play and how much it has changed over the last few seasons, especially this 2007-2008 season.

Not only is Kobe estimable of this award, he has truly earned his place in NBA history.


Intro to being a Jock GF May 6, 2008

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Attention to all girls who have or want a guy that is into sports but you just can’t seem to find a liking for it, wow that was a mouthful. I have a topic that I think is important to any girl interested in any guy who plays a sport, the topic of cheering.

You may be new to the sports world, maybe you just got a new boyfriend who plays baseball and you have despised baseball your entire life, I’ve been there and I know what you are feeling. How the heck are you supposed to go and support your guy if number one, you hate the sport, and number two, you don’t even know what is going on.

I have an idea that helped me get through my hard times of being a Jock GF and actually led me to loving a sport that I did not even imagine myself ever liking.

First things first, most guys like to be supported when they are doing something they enjoy, especially if it is a girl they like or are dating, they appreciate any kind of attention from people who mean something to them, like their mom, sometimes even their dad, and usually their significant other.

So, even if you don’t like the sport that your guy plays, go. Go for them, they want you there and when you see them smile at you with the satisfaction of knowing that you came just for them that is when you realize that it is worth it.

Next, if your guy gives you his team hat, or his team jacket, whatever it may be, wear it. Not only will be he excited to see you but when he sees you in his jacket that is slightly too big, he is going to excited that you were so thoughtful.

One more thing, cheer him on. Cheer his teammates on too, ask people around you who each guy is and what it is their position does for the team or things like why he is wearing that bracelet around his wrist. If you sound interested, people tend to respond to your friendly persona.

Once you’ve introduced yourself to the regular cheering community, you become one of them. You make new friends, you learn about the sport, and you get your guy’s attention even when he’s focusing on the big game.

In conclusion, cheering your guy on isn’t that bad, and you may actually find yourself starting to appreciate something you didn’t even know was possible.



Check out Tab’s new blog! May 4, 2008

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Now that Jessie and I have gotten the Girlfriend’s Guide to Sports up and running with regular posts I will now be writing a supplementary blog about my experience as a college athlete. Through my own personal accounts I will try to offer some insight that will help other athletes that are trying to make it into the often exclusive world of college sports

Today I have registered the domain name and I plan to start writing entries for this new blog early next week. So make sure to go and check it out!

In my new blog I will write posts about how the how the whole college athlete process works. There will be information about how to find the right school for you and how you can get yourself noticed by college scouts. Both of these steps are an incredibly important because finding a school to play at directly affects a person’s future whether it is in professional sports or “the real world.”

I will also write about the different intricacies of the life of a college athlete. I plan non writing about dealing with college life in general, but I will structure my posts so that they are written from the perspective of a college athlete. I plan on writing about the different expectations that are placed on college athletes, how to juggle a demanding schedule, homesickness, parties, and so much more.

I also plan on writing about my different experiences playing for a Division I college soccer program and playing for a Division III program. I believe that this spectrum of playing opportunities has given me an edge in understanding the different demands that college programs may have for their athletes.

Altogether I hope that I can assist anyone who is trying to become or currently is a college athlete. . Like gfg2sports, my new blog will be updated weekly to ensure that new insight is always getting shared.

Like I said earlier, be sure to check it out. Once again, nothing will be posted for a few days.