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Lakers take Game 3 June 11, 2008

We all know the NBA Finals are going on right now with game four tomorrow night. With the Boston Celtics taking the first two, the Los Angeles Lakers really needed to step it up in game three if they even wanted to see a chance at the championship, and apparently they did.

The Los Angeles Lakers won game three last night June 10, 2008, with the final score being 87-81. Although Lakers fans everywhere rejoiced in the fact that we were victorious, if you consider yourself a true Lakers fan you can acknowledge that they did not play up to par.

After the game as I watched the numerous people being interviewed, it was only Sasha Vujacic that was man enough to tell it like it is. He said, “We didn’t play well but, we played good enough to win.” Hats off to Sasha for being the only honest one to be interviewed.

If we are being honest here and if you are an avid basketball watcher you know that the Lakers just didn’t play well last night. Lamar was off, Pao was off, and even Fisher had a so-so game. I am usually not the type to brag about the awesomeness of Kobe Bryant but, he was one of the few who were living up to their usual game play, minus his numerous missed free throws. Hopefully Phil Jackson makes Kobe work on his free throws today in preparation for game four.

As for Vujacic, not only was he completely honest during his interview, he happened to play above average last night as well. His nickname is “The Machine,” and he helped out quite a bit in the game last night.

This is what the Lakers need in order to tie the series and even win. The Lakers starting five and the Lakers bench need to play as they have played this whole season, whole-heartedly. The reason the Lakers have made it thus far is because of this and in the first two games of this final series it’s as if that was thrown out the window. Come on Lakers, show the Celtics what you are really made of! Lakers for life.


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How big is Mark Cuban’s head? May 6, 2008

On Wednesday, April 30, 2008, Head Coach Avery Johnson was fired from the Dallas Mavericks. He has been the coach for that team for the last three plus seasons, and although he had a phenomenal record during the season, his efforts did not pull through in the play-offs.

The Dallas Mavericks were eliminated from the first round of the NBA play-offs on Tuesday evening. The New Orleans Hornets who had the second seat in the Western Conference beat the Dallas Mavericks 4-1 in the series; in Dallas efforts they lost their last game at home.

Coach Johnson was a championship winning point guard for the San Antonio Spurs during his career, and later became a coach, and half way through the 2005 season became the coach for the Mavs. In his first consecutive season with the Mavericks he took them to the NBA Finals which seemed to be a huge success when they had a 2-0 lead but, later turned in to chaos and they lost the opportunity for the championship.

Owner of the Dallas Mavericks, Mark Cuban, claims that he just couldn’t tolerate anymore losing in the play-offs, and that Johnson was just not pulling through. Well, I think that although Johnson’s record has not shown through the last couple play-off seasons, Mark Cuban needs to give him a chance to prove himself; his overall winning record is very high. Mark Cuban is a man who is just too into himself and has his own agenda. He shouldn’t even be coming near people that are genuine like Avery Johnson.

I think that Mark Cuban has made an enormous mistake, and unless he gets a coach like Phil Jackson or Pat Riley, his team isn’t going to be heading back to the NBA Finals anytime soon.

Best of luck to Dallas in finding a new coach for next season, and best of luck to a authentic coach, Avery Johnson.