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French Open 2008- The Massacre of Federer June 10, 2008

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Well, the worlds the highest paid athlete did not prosper in the French Open finals. World renowned tennis super star Roger Federer was defeated in the final of the French Open on Saturday June 7, 2008. Defeated is an understatement, it was honestly a massacre. The final score of the match was 6-1, 6-3, 6-0.

Federer is the first player in tennis history to lose three French Open finals consecutively. Not only did Federer lose his match, he was evidently upset with his own performance. Despite all this, he managed to keep himself together for the presentation of the trophies where long-time competitor Rafael Nadal was presented with the title of champion and 1st place.

A set back in any tennis players career can be clay-court. Clay is unmistakably more difficult to play on as opposed to grass court play. Not only does the ball bounce differently it is faster paced game on clay.

Even with losing the French Open once again, Federer has maintained a refreshingly positive attitude about the rest of the season and Wimbledon. According to after the match Federer said, “It doesn’t matter now. I’m looking forward to grass. I think the second half of the season, hopefully, is going to be better than the first.”

For Nadal, this is a great title to add to his name. He just beat the player that is rumored to go down as the best player in the history of tennis. Nadal is definitely getting his name out there, not that he necessarily needed to. He was ranked number two in the world for quite some time.

Overall, the French Open 2008 was entertaining and worthwhile to watch, even with Nadal’s massacre on Federer.



A Role Model for All April 22, 2008

5. When you are having a texting conversation with someone and in the middle of it they disappear. This is on the list of the Top Ten things that Annoy Maria Sharapova, as posted on her website

Well, you’re not alone Maria. It’s refreshing to know that the highest paid female athlete in the world has a similar annoyance to any other type of person.

A few things about Maria that will help you better understand where she comes from are: she is originally from Russia where she began playing tennis at the age of four. Maria and her Dad decided to try to pursue her passion for tennis by moving to the U.S. Her mother stayed behind in Russia to finish her college degree and for concerning visa issues. She followed them after a long two years. Maria attended an outstanding tennis academy in Florida, IMG’s Nick Bollettieri Tennis Academy. She began training more and more and eventually started entering into tournaments. She actually won Wimbledon at the young age of 17, and has been very successful ever since.

Maria is not only the highest paid female athlete but she has an overwhelming amount of sponsors some of which include, Tag Heuer, Cannon, Sony Ericsson, and Prince.

She also happens to maintain her poise on and off the court. She attends many red carpet events looking well polished, if you didn’t know already Miss Sharapova is a model too, as if being a ridiculously great athlete isn’t enough to make us love her.

Maria also has founded an organization called The Maria Sharapova Foundation that is dedicated to underprivileged children and it gives them the opportunity to achieve their dreams.

Maria is an excellent role model for athletes everywhere, more specifically young female athletes. Like my partner Tabitha said in a recent post concerning Danica Patrick, as a celebrity status female athlete, there are other ways to get noticed, and I think Maria does a fantastic job of doing so.

In addition, the original reason I wanted to recognize Maria is because on Sunday April 13, 2008 she won her first ever clay-court tournament. This is an outrageous accomplishment for any tennis player, especially one like Maria who has been in the business since such a young age.

So, Congrats Maria!